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Welcome to the team page of Tech Fellow, where innovation meets expertise in the fields of Website Design, Bookkeeping, Virtual Assistance, and Grant Writing. Get to know the extraordinary individuals who power our vision and bring creative solutions to our esteemed clients.

Nelia Ladlad

Grant Writer & Co-Founder

Nelia Ladlad, Co-Founder and Grant Writer at Tech Fellow, leverages her nonprofit expertise to secure grants that meet our clients’ needs, contributing significantly to our success.

Ahmad Raza

Website Developer

Ahmad Raza is our Website Developer with a strong Computer Science background. He expertly transforms design concepts into functional websites.

Genevieve Ombao

Virtual Assistant Supervisor

Gen, is our Bookkeeper, specializing in finance and accounting software. She ensures accurate and transparent financial management.

Inayat Ullah

Social Media Manager

Inayat boosts our online presence with strategic content and engagement, ensuring our brand shines on social media.

Success in multitasking isn't about doing everything at once; it's about prioritizing what needs to be done and executing it to perfection

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